Warm Weather Checklist

The days get longer and your thoughts turn to the outdoors. Before you get carried away by summer holiday planning, take a few minutes and let our warm weather checklist remind you of those house care projects.

  • Check the wood siding and trim for signs of deterioration; clean, replace, or refinish as necessary. For vinyl siding, check for cracks and breaks, replace if possible. For stone cladding, check the mortar to repair as necessary
  • Clean the eaves to ensure that spring time rain water goes where it is supposed to.
  • Have well water tested for quality and safety
  • Turn off the humidifier on your furnace or change the HRV to the summer setting.
  • Check fences and deck railings, replace or repair as necessary.
  • Disconnect your dryer duct, vacuum the lint from the duct and the dryer hood outside your house.
  • Check and repair window screens
  • Check and replace the caulking sealing the different exterior  service pipes to your siding (dyer vent, furnace vent, HRV, hot water tank, sump pump)
  • Check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Clean the outside of your windows to let that summer sun shine in.
  • Clean up the yard and the garden, remove any debris that accumulated over the winter.

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Tip of the Week

Winter fun:

Time to check those furnace filters! A clogged furnace filter makes your furnace work harder than it needs to, using up electricity that should go to the xmas lights!.

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